Spell for Reclamation

10 September 2019 in Heather

Get in the car and bring him back from the bottom of the world.
Knit a sweater, but not while driving.
When you arrive, that’s the time for knitting–
Real-time knitting, around and around his protesting form.

Close the door before he attempts to head out for a hike.
But, oh.
You hold the yarn; you’ll know where to find him.

On the trail where together you once saw rabbits,
On the trail where together you witnessed the fog strangle the sunset,
And you agreed, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Keep knitting the collar, high, higher, up to his chin, over his mouth.
Now he’ll never tell.
Finish the knit and fold him neatly into the passenger seat.
Then get in the car and drive back to the surface of the world.

Send rosemary with no return address to the witch you stole him back from.