I am half pianist and half writer, stuffed with scraps of drafts and sewn together with piano wire.

I studied classical piano performance for a very long time. The boys—Bach, Beethoven, and Debussy—are now tucked into bed, and in the quiet hours of sometime, I explore the realm of cyborgian fantasy, using the piano to design and perform moving imagery. Elements of piano technique and cinematic projection are involved, but I work at fraying every edge, so that nothing is too familiar. I have presented solo and collaborative pieces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Djerassi Resident Artists Program, The MilkBar, and Stanford University.

The projects page charts my detours.

Other times, I write. From 2004 to 2008, I blogged In the Wings and was recognized by The Wall Street Journal for my “fey, deftly written” contributions to regional arts criticism. I have written for the online publication NewMusicBox, researched American film for the AFI Catalog of Feature Films, and produced content for Ampersand, a Los Angeles based arts and culture podcast. In me, a novel may sprout.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in music from Mills College.