I am a pianist and fair-weather writer, someone stuffed with scraps of first drafts and sewn together with piano wire.

My creative practice involves using the piano to design and perform still and moving images. I render visual environments using classical piano performance technique, but I work at fraying edges everywhere, so that nothing is too cinematic, too narrative, or too classical in orientation. I have presented solo and collaborative pieces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including Djerassi Resident Artists Program, The MilkBar, and Stanford University.

The projects page charts my detour from classical piano to cyborgian fantasy.

As a writer, I produced content for Ampersand, an arts and culture podcast, and contributed articles to the online publication NewMusicBox. From 2004 to 2008, I wrote for In the Wings, an original online journal that The Wall Street Journal recognized for its contribution to regional arts criticism. I spent a year as a researcher writing on American film for the AFI Catalog of Feature Films.

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in music from Mills College.